Unity Presbyterian Church, located in Woodleaf, NC, is seeking a full-time pastor to be part of this 235-year-old church and to provide leadership with the church Session to continue to spread God’s word.  The person chosen to be our pastor would be able to address these duties:  to preach and teach through a Bible-based ministry; to provide pastoral care to member families facing difficulties or health crises; and to administer rites of the church, such as Holy Communion, baptisms, weddings and funerals.  The pastor will work with the Session to develop and implement programs to meet the needs of various age groups in the church and work with leaders of community churches to provide joint events that grow fellowship in the community.  Unity is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA.  For additional information, contact Pastor Nominating Committee members at:  bectwet@yahoo.com  or mperrell@twc.com.