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Image “A Gracious Call to Repentance” Luke 13_1-9 March 24.pdf 189
Image “A Message from a Rich Man” Luke 16_19-31.doc 40
Image “A Special Kind of Love” Hosea 11_1-11.docx 8-4-19.pdf 192
Image “A True Fish Story” Luke 5_1-11.docx Feb. 10, 2019.pdf 200
Image “A Very Messy Christmas” Matthew 1_18-25. Dec.22.doc 42
Image “All We Need Is Love” John 13_31-35. May 19.doc 39
Image “Amazing, Annoying Grace” Luke 4_21-30 Feb. 3.pdf 192
Image “Ambassadors of Reconciliation” 2 Corinthians 5_16-21 March 31, 2019.pdf 189
Image “Believing, Belonging, Hearing, Following” John 10_22_30.docx May 12.doc 42
Image “Cousin John Crashes Christmas” Matthew 3_1-12.Dec. 8.doc 40
Image “Discipleship Is Not a Rose Garden” Luke 9_51-62.docx June 30.doc 43
Image “Do We Want to Be Made Well.docx May 26, 2019.doc 40
Image “God the Artist” Jeremiah 18_1-11.docx Sept. 8.doc 42
Image “How Righteousness Can Be a Dead End” Luke 18_9-14. 10-27.doc 41
Image “It Not Just Dirt” Genesis 2_4-7; 3_17-19 and Romans 8_19-21.docx May 5.pdf 266
Image “Looking for the One You%u2019ll Never See Coming” Luke 4_1-13.docx March 10.pdf 204
Image “More Than Just a Name Change” Hosea 1_2-2_1 (1).docxJuly 28.doc 44
Image “Plain Talk About Christian Love” Luke 6_27-38.docx February 24.pdf 205
Image “The Evidence for Easter” Luke 24_1-12 April 21, 2019.pdf 193
Image “The Fox and the Hen” Luke 13_31-35 March 17.pdf 196
Image “The Good News of Our Unworthiness” Luke 17_5-10.docx Oct. 6.doc 39
Image “The Kingdom Is a Lunch Table” Luke 14_1, 7-14.Sept. 1.pdf 195
Image “The Mission Statement of Jesus” Luke 4_14-21-1.docx Jan. 24.pdf 194
Image “The Power of Love” Luke 23_33-43. Nov. 24.doc 43
Image “The Reason to Remember” Isaiah 43_16-21 April 7,2019.pdf 197
Image “The Value of Gratitude” Luke 17_11-19.docx Oct. 13.doc 40
Image “Walls and Wounds” John 20_19-31.docx April 28, 2019.pdf 195
Image “What%u2019s So Amazing About Grace.Sept. 15.doc 44
Image “When Prayers Aren%u2019t Answered” Luke 18_1-8.October 20.doc 39
Image “When the Kingdom Seems Out of Reach” Isaiah 65_17-25.docx Nov. 17.doc 44
Image “When You Need to Break the Rules” Luke 13_10-17.docx 8-25.doc 42