Unity Presbyterian Church

Worship: -More special music; use sermons related to Easter, Christmas, etc.; less stories; keep to scripture; address problems in the community; Series on the Ten Commandments.

Christian Education: -Curriculum for children's Sunday School and Children's Church; provide packets of materials for effective small groups.

Buildings and Grounds: -Better use of the sound system; Columbarium; routine reports on the use of the Fellowship Hall; clean carpet/chairs in Fellowship Hall

Membership: -Work with the Pastoral Care Team if needed to visit homes

Stewardship:-Keep closer watch on heat/air settings when no one is at the church. 

Outreach: -Set up community clean-up days in Woodleaf; Bolster pool of helpers for outreach work.

Unity Action: -Consistent Family Night Meals; advertise locally about family night meals, reusable signs; too many responsibilities are under Unity Action.

Deacons: -Regular evaluations/inspections of the manse to ensure upkeep; proactive, not reactive; define duties/responsibilites

Pastoral Care: -Two person visiting teams; small gifts to take when visiting; personal visit once a month to shut-ins; schedule a day ahead; follow-up on sick and bereavement

Fellowship: -Bigger plates for the fellowship meals and sweets; invite community to specific events.